Our strategically focused in Africa.

Our proven business strategy has been designed to ensure that we leverage our strength and our vision to Achieve Become One of the world's leading independent exploration, development and producing oil companies.
VOCO has all the necessary means to satisfy its customers by providing all the required quantities to any desired degree and in the shortest possible time.
Following three dimensions is used by VOCO to sell the fuel:


The first dimension is the best way when you already have a contract with VOCO, accepting all the requirements, then we give you a proforma invoice and if the price suits the client, he will sends us a purchase order

VOCO gives you fuel refundable within 20 days from 30 days after selling fuel purchased.

VOCO requires a guarantee of the payment of the debt, such as a letter of credit (LC) or a bank guarantee, which will prove that we can grant you a loan payable after the sale of fuel given.

 The customer provides a letter of credit (LC) proportional to the order given, and if it is a CIF, it indicates the workplace also provides a letter of credit (LC) or a bank guarantee for transport but if it is a CIF for to deliver fuel to the lake, in this case all transport costs are at his expense.

 If it is a CIF on a workplace, VOCO supports all risks in support along the way on road on sea for to survey that the fuel reached their destination, the fuel is not written on behalf of the client until it is not arrived at the destination called in the contract. All this reduces the risk to our client.

The client gives different letters of guarantee: the one for the fuel, and also another one for the transport. Also, the letter of guarantee issued by a reputable bank in the country and accepts that moreover collaborates with an international bank. The payment must be in U.S. dollars on the account VOCO has indicated.


If the customer does not want that his bank withdraws bank charges, and his office is located in the same country where VOCO has a bank account, we will ask him to take the money with an equivalent fuel with wanted or requested and put it on our account and in this case we will sign a contract between us and the bank so that it temporarily blocks the money until the fuel reaches our client, and then this money will be automatically credit to VOCO once the customer has signed proving that he has had the fuel.


Another way to sell fuel is to allow the client to put money on his own account as a guarantee, while promising us a deed to secure private money that is guaranteed to the fuel is issued, and after we paid back.
You should also know that from the moment he put the money in his account, he is given a deadline for the delivery of fuel, and if the time had agreed to be exceeded, the customer can withdraw money.

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