• To protect our existing business.
  • To penetrate deeper into our established markets with existing products and upgrades.
  • To extend the business by introducing new products into these markets or by breaking into new markets and segments with existing products.
  • To diversify into new markets with new products.
Future Direction
To be world-class integrated oil marketing company with a multibillion dollar turnover by 2018.
Our Shared Values These are really pretty simple: Integrity & Respect The foundation of our business is integrity. All interactions with customers, vendor partners, suppliers, and team members must be conducted ethically, withintegrity and mutual respect. Teamwork We support our team members in a professional, challenging and rewarding environment, working together as one cohesive team to share ideas and resources. Partnership Strategic business relationships with our customers and vendor partners produce mutual benefits. We value those relationships and invest in their long-term development. Passion for Winning. We aspire to be the best at everything we do, always striving to be the first choice for our customers and vendor partners. Ownership> We promote an environment of personal accountability that delivers consistent results against commitments. Every team member takes responsibility for each team decision.

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